On Weather Jacket - Cerulean/Dark, Karla

Vörunúmer ON10400297ML
32.990 kr.

Ótrúlega léttur hlaupajakki sem verndar þig í hvaða veðri sem er. Búinn til úr hátæknilegu japönsku efni, þetta er fullkominn ferðafélagi í öll hlaup.


Fáðu tölvupóst þegar varan er komin á lager

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Hlaup í rigningu, hlaup í kaldara loftslagi, breytilegu veðri.


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Technology - Packed with features


Every element of the Weather Jacket is made with the practicalities of running in the elements in mind. Like, the cap-design of the jacket's hood, which keeps it in place in the wet. The pockets of the Weather jacket offer water-resistant zip protection for your valuables. And the entire jacket folds quickly into its own breast pocket, allowing for ultra-small storage and portability.


Materials - Breathable protection


Thanks to its lightweight Japanese fabrics, the Weather Jacket offers 360° ventilation in an ultralight package that's also tear proof and fast drying. A highly stretchable polyester and elastane fabric features a micro-ventilation-pattern for high breathability. Four-way-stretch polyamide on the back adds protection. The advanced DWR (durable water repellent) coating ensures rain rolls off.


Design - Weightless weatherproofing

In changing weather conditions you don't need more distractions. The Weather Jacket is the ultralight element shield that you can forget about. So light it feels like nothing, with protection at a level that means wind and rain showers won't affect you. Perfect in changeable conditions, it's also made light and breathable for when things warm up and can be packed quickly into its own pocket.